Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winding down

The last couple of weeks I have felt like I have been on a mad roller coaster ride and finally tonight I have been allowed to get off it.

I think I have mentioned here or there that I do a bit of editing each month which brings me some welcome extra pocket money but it also keeps my professional skills up to date while I am a stay at home mum. This month I was really struggling to keep up. I don't know why because I didn't really have any more reports than usual to attend to.

Today was the absolute, ultimate deadline and I had to get them finished. It took all day, ignored the children as best I could, although they were determined to foil that plan. Finally at 5pm I had them finished! Of course that just meant that the next job to do was dinner, but after that was prepared and cooking I felt that pressure lifting off my shoulders. Oh what a welcome relief!

So after the children were put to bed I sat down on the couch to read. Then when I decided it was time for bed I also decided it was time for some crochet. I had only managed to pick up yarn and hook a couple of times in the last few weeks, as I felt that if I had time to be crocheting then I should actually be working.

The Gytha jumper that I am working on would normally be my first choice but because of the yarn colour I find it very difficult to stitch with the light from my bedside lamp. Instead I picked up hook and yarn for another hibernating WIP - my Dragon scales afghan.

Such relief to lie back and stitch, I could feel even more tension disappearing from my body. I didn't do much, I didn't need to, my soul just needed a little soothing.

Aaaaaaahhhhh, that's better!


  1. Hooray for school holidays! Sharing your sense of relief from getting things done and dusted.

  2. I too find crochet gentle,rhythmic,and soothing. Thanks for sharing and I hope things lighten up a bit x


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