Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dr Who Fun

Are you a Dr Who fan? Well I am, sort of.

When I was a child my father used to watch Dr Who almost religiously and my brother and I used to watch it with him. When I left home at 18 I stopped watching for two reasons, first I didn't have a television :) and secondly I was working nights. I just fell out of the habit. By the time I was able to watch it again I had missed so many episodes I didn't want to start watching again. By now it has been nearly 25 years and I still can't bring myself to watch it again without having seen the intervening episodes. I know, I think I've got just a touch of OCD.

However if I had the opportunity to watch every episode from the beginning (that is 40 years of episodes!) I would be happy to start up again.

And that is where this post is leading. A friend of mine who is a die hard Dr Who fan has started an online petition on to try to convince either the BBC or the Australian ABC to have a dedicated Dr Who channel. If you want to join in and sign the petition just follow this link here.

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My friend is such a die hard fan that he has just ordered a heap of Stylecraft DK from Deramores to make a 12 foot long Dr Who scarf for an event he will be attending in February. Guesses as to how much he will love knitting it by the time he gets close to the end?

xXx Helen

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  1. hehehe my daughter is a great Dr Who fan along with other friends and family of mine. I enjoy Dr Who, especially David Tennant's interpretation because we have been following his career for a long time (great to see him getting the worldwide recognition his superlative talent deserves). I will direct everyone to your petition.


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