Friday, August 16, 2013

Three WIPs Finished!

I am pleased to say that I have finished three of my WIPs, two of which were mentioned in my last blog post.

I finished the beanie for D, not that he has actually worn it. He isn't committing to it but also doesn't want me to give it away. Isn't that typical of a man? I made it out of the most snuggly alpaca yarn and it is in the deepest of blacks so unfortunately it really doesn't photograph well, the yarn just looks like a blob or a black hole.

So next up I finally finished my brother's birthday present, only 6 months late!

I finished the crochet some time ago and then realised I was going to have to secure it somehow. I eventually decided that a large piece of plywood painted black would be the best background but I hadn't determined the actual method of fastening the crochet to the board. When I last visited my parents I took the crochet with me and asked Dad if he had any plywood, sure enough he did. My father is a retired boat builder so he not only has every tool known to man he also has "stuff". That's probably the best way to describe three sheds full of "I might need that someday". Not little sheds either, ginormous!

With Dad's help, we decided that dowel threaded through the bottom loops and then bolted at various points along the dowel would be the perfect way to finish it and secure it too. So Dad actually had on hand plywood, dowel, black spray paint, teeny tiny nuts and bolts and washers and the teeny tiny drills to drill holes through the dowel and ply.

This is not a small project. It was crocheted in jute florist's twine with a 5mm hook and is roughly 40cm in height and 150cm in length. I even had to leave it behind at Mum and Dad's house once it was finished because I couldn't get it in my car. Thankfully Mum and Dad don't travel with three toddlers in the back seat so it could fit quite well in their car and they took it to my brother's home for me.

The third project I finished was the jumper for Little Miss B.

I don't know why the colour seemed to wash out in this photo. This was taken immediately after finishing the collar as you can still see the ends I need to weave in. I followed the pattern precisely and am astonished at the sleeve length. They are incredibly long. I tacked the sleeves back into a permanent cuff and added just a row of edging to the hem and it really finished it off. Here is my gorgeous girl modelling it for me. She's pulling funny faces in the first two but the last is just pure joy.

This last photo shows the true colour of the yarn. It has orange, pink, a purplish blue and a pale khaki running through it.

I am still working on my Gytha jumper. I don't have any progress pictures as I have actually completed less than was in the last blog post. Less, how is that possible? Well, I frogged the lot and started again. Even though I had twigged to the basic error in the pattern I discovered another and decided to frog the lot and attacked it like a logic problem. I made myself little diagrams, counted stitches, worked out what should be where and at what point and started again. I have to say I am much happier the second time around. I also discovered that it was 10 stitches short at the back and added those so the extra 10 per row is making it take longer to complete, not by much naturally. I'm also loving working with sock yarn. I love the soft drape obtained by using a fine yarn with a larger hook. The only real problem I have is that working at night with a dark yarn it can be a little hard to see the stitches.

Once I finish the Gytha then I am going to grab another one or two of my WIPs and finish them. I am determined to finish the lot! Some may end up being frogged but one way or another they will cease to exist in their current unfinished form.

xXx Helen


  1. Wow, you've done well getting these finished! Hope the hat gets the thumbs up eventually, kind of disappointing when something you've spent time making doesn't get met with quite the excitement you hope! Love the jumper - you have one very cute little girl there! Lovely photos of her x

  2. Beautiful work. Your daughter is a cutie:)

  3. I love the filet crochet, and that sweater is too cute! Congrats on getting through some of your WIPs!

  4. Love that jumper, so snuggly. I am making snuggly hats and scarves at the moment. Jo x


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