Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A new magazine and WIP update

A few weeks ago I purchased the Designer Knitting Crochet 2013 Special Collector's Issue. It is truly gorgeous but it has left me a little confused as I believe it is the Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013 Special Collector's Issue with a different name. I say believe because I haven't actually purchased and read the Vogue edition but from what I can tell the content is the same. Very strange! Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

The patterns are wonderful. Some are so truly amazing that you wonder how the designer even thought of the concept in the first place. Here are a selection of the patterns you can find in the magazine:


The dresses and bags in this issue are magnificent, the green dress above has twists and turns and cables and ruffles. It almost looks like a long scarf down the front of the dress.


The three pictures immediately above are the three that appeal most to me and I suspect that at some stage I will attempt to make them.

This next design I adore. It is completely impractical for a mum with three young children, and unless my lifestyle has a drastic change, I can't see myself ever wearing such a garment! But I love it despite the (im)practicality of it.

I keep telling myself not to start any more projects until I finish the ones I have already started. But what do I do? That's right I currently have three projects which have top billing: a jumper for my daughter, a beanie for my partner and a jumper for me. But I am determined to finish ALL of them before starting anything new.

The good news is that I have finished the back and front for Little Miss B's jumper and am nearly finished the first sleeve.

The beanie I am making out of the most snuggly alpaca yarn to keep D's head nice and warm during the cold winter nights. He works night shift and the nights have been icy recently. Realistically I should be able to complete that in a day or so. But I have already had one false start, I had to frog the lot and start again. So far it is working much better. Fingers crossed that he likes it and wears it!

The last one, a jumper for me, is one I have been itching to make for a couple of years. It is the Gytha Jumper by Amanda Perkins (Ravelled here) and was featured in Issue 13 of Inside Crochet.

There are a few problems with the way the pattern was written, and I can't really cast any blame because the designer made it for herself and someone at Inside Crochet wrote the pattern for her after seeing her wearing it. It must be a devil of a job writing a pattern for something you didn't make yourself!

When I purchased the magazine just deciphering the pattern was too much for me as I hadn't had enough crochet experience, and it is only because Little Miss B's jumper has the same stitch pattern that I was able to make sense of it and work out that there was a completely unnecessary row of pattern information. It also requires the use of a foundation row when joining segments. I am a recent convert to foundation single crochet, but I also had to learn how to do foundation double crochet and then alternate the two AND make them join seamlessly to two separate pieces. Phew, I actually managed to do it while completely enthralled by Game of Thrones. My crochet skills must really have improved!

If you are interested in learning foundation crochet then pop by Doris Chan's website, or Alice of Futuregirl, They both have detailed information for this technique. Alice's tutorial had really relevant information for me, particularly in relation to joining to other pieces. And YouTube has really good tutorials too.

Another thing that kept putting me off making this pattern was the fact that all of the other people listed on Ravelry who made this have frogged it. I don't intend to be one of them. I intend this to be the most fantastic Gytha Jumper EVER. I am making it using sock yarn Moda Vera Noir in a navy blue / black colourway. Here is my progress so far. As you can see it is worked from the top down and is in rows but then later it switches to rounds.

So as you can see I am managing to keep myself amused at the same time as running a household, mothering three young children and even doing a bit of editing/proofreading to bring in some extra income. I can't imagine how other mothers find the time to go back to work when their children are small. I seem to be on the go non-stop!

xXx Helen

PS I have made a mental note to myself to improve my blogging frequency. Even it is brief or random, the only way to do it is just to DO it!


  1. It took me ages to find that Vogue Designer Knitting Annual but when I did I could see what everyone was raving many beautiful patterns. There is such a variety of designs and no matter what body shape, there is something in there for everyone.

    I took the necklace flower pattern and used that flower alone as an embellishment.

    How do you find the Noir? I am currently using it for fingerless gloves and found it very splitty with a small hook (2.75 mm).

    It is nice to find another Australian crochet blogger.


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