Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Beginnings

Well 2013 has started with a bang! We have just moved into a new house and it has been so hectic it isn't funny. First the preparation for the move with the packing, or attempting to pack, then the move itself and then moving all the rest of the stuff that didn't go in the van. We got the last of the items from the old house yesterday and tomorrow I am going to cart the kids over bright and early so I can finish(?) the cleaning.

It has not been easy packing or unpacking with three children. Little Miss B and Little Miss T were yanking things out of boxes quicker than I could pack them and now that we are unpacking boxes they are emptying shelves as I fill them. The house looks like a disaster (which really isn't uncommon) but I have got to get everything sorted so that I might even have a chance of making this place comfortable.

We had a little incident today in which the children and I got locked into one of the bedrooms. Thank goodness I had taken my mobile phone in with me. I was able to ring D to get him to come over and let us out. I did have a couple of electricians arrive to do some work while I was stuck, they would have easily been able to gain access and get us out as the back door was open, but the dog was between them and the door. My dog is very territorial and would not have taken kindly to strangers entering his yard.  Much better to wait the half hour for D to get there! :-) I am just glad that I didn't have to try to shimmy through the window!

I had a little glitch yesterday too. My bikes were amongst the last of the stuff from the house which needed to be moved. I picked the first bike up to discover it was connected to the other bike and the wall of the shed with a bike lock. Hmmm, wouldn't normally be a problem, but two days earlier I had thrown away the keys because they were never used, not even considering the possibility that I might actually need them. :-(

Thankfully a tooled up neighbour came to my rescue. He is one of those elderly men who have every tool under the sun, my dad is one such man, and he came armed with some bolt cutters. However the bolt cutters were foiled by the rubber casing over the cable. He went off again and came back with an assortment of tools, but the hacksaw saved the day. I have to admit I was rather relieved.

Note to self:  Never, ever, throw away a key without being absolutely, positively, 100% certain that the lock it goes in is not being used!!!

I have promised the children that tomorrow after we have been to the house to do some cleaning we will go to the library. Normally we would go about once a week, not on any particular schedule, but we haven't been since before Christmas, they are starting to get a bit antsy. And we are a little bit closer to the library now so it will make it that much easier getting there.

I have done no crochet in the last week (possibly two weeks) with the exception of trying to repair a hanging storage caddy which had lost its hanger doovey. I really just did lots and lots of chains so I could tie it over the bar in the wardrobe. I had hoped to participate in the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2013 but I have serious doubts that I will be organised enough in time. I even bought special yarn to do it.

Just before Christmas I whipped up a very quick infinity scarf which I found on Ravelry. The Ravelry link is here. Once again my beautiful girls modelled for me.

I haven't even had internet, except for my phone, since the weekend, but I finally got it all connected late this afternoon. It was an hour on the phone with technical support but we finally got there. I love it when everything starts to fall into place.

Let's hope that tomorrow is a productive day and I manage to make a dent the list of tasks still outstanding.

xXx Helen

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  1. Sounds like you need a holiday after the stress if the move. Hope you enjoy your new place.


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