Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yarn Review - Moda Vera Harmony

My next yarn review is of another Moda Vera yarn. The Moda Vera yarns are exclusive to Spotlight and range in price from budget friendly to those you are too scared to touch just in case you have to pay for it! This yarn falls somewhere on the lower end of that range.

I tend to shop at Spotlight because it is one of the few places in my local area that sells yarn and is easily accessible by a mother carting a baby and toddler along! However when I get the opportunity I do like to check out other alternatives.

Yarn Brand: Moda Vera
Yarn Name: Harmony
Yarn Content: Acrylic 50% Wool 50%
Unit Type: Ball
Unit Weight: 50g
Yarn Length: 70m
Yarn Ply: Not indicated, but seems to be a 10ply / Aran
Washing Instructions: Cool machine wash 30 degrees. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat. Dry-cleanable.
Country of Manufacture: China
Purchased From: Spotlight Frankston
Attributes When Crocheting: The yarns in this range are multicoloured, generally having two main shades with light to dark hues of each colour. The yarn itself feels as soft as a cloud and is lovely to touch. There is no splitting of the yarn when crocheting but it does snag. If you ever have to frog back your work do so slowly and carefully as you will find that it wraps around itself and can break or tear if yanked too hard. The yarn is also not uniform in its thickness, as occasionally it will be whisper thin and then suddenly become almost too wide for the hook to grab. For all that it is still a beautiful yarn and the fabric made from it drapes well. One of its failings however is its complete inability to photograph true to colour! 
Effects of Washing: To be updated when garment is complete.
Projects I have made with it:
Harmony Trench Coat - WIP
Close-up of stitches 
That said it is a lovely yarn and I look forward to wearing my trench coat when it is complete, but would I buy this yarn again? Possibly. Most of the time the good attributes outweigh the bad.

Have you made anything with this yarn? Please feel free to let me know your experiences with this yarn.

xXx Helen

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  1. I knitted a little jacket for my granddaughter in this very yarn and color. She loves it and has worn it and worn it. Told everyone 'my nannasan made this for me' awww too cute. It is on my blog somewhere last year. Yes keep up the reviews, they are great.
    x Sandi


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